Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is there a minimum size of garden you will design and plant?
A. There is no garden space too small nor too big for us to undertake.

Q. We do not have time nor the interest to garden - will you recommend plants that would suit our lifestyle?
A. Our main goal is always to make your outside experience suitable to your desire and needs.

Q. My property is very tiny - are there trees or shrubs you can suggest for small spaces?
A. There are now trees and shrubs which are suitable for the tiniest of spaces. Constant visits to local nurseries and growers keep us informed in the newest and best varieties available.

Q. We moved into an older home and the gardens are overrun with plants do you come out and revitalize a garden that has been neglected for years?
A. Many a time we can prune, reshape, eliminate (if necessary) trees and shrubs as well as divide and transplant older perennials - rejuvenating gardens to be healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Q. We want to start growing some of our vegetables - do you create vegetable gardens?
A. Definitely. Let us help you reduce your carbon footprint - what is more local than your own backyard?

Q. Do you offer maintenance programs?
A. Absolutely! We offer many individualized maintenance opportunities... from a one-time visit, to weekly programs all custom tailored to your wants, needs and budget.